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AIM Related Documents 

Below are key documents and guidelines relating to AIM and the supports offered. Whether you are looking for more information on the AIM rules, how AIM began or the application process you will find  information on these and more in the links below.

AIM Rules 2020-2021

To view the update AIM rules for 2020/2021 click here: AIM Programme Rules 2020/2021


AIM Policy and Guidelines

AIM Policy [English Version][Irish Version]

AIM Information Leaflet[English Version][Irish Version]

AIM Inter-Departmental Group Report [English Version][Irish Version]

AIM End of Year One Review [English Version]

Inclusion Coordinator Information and Guidelines

The LINC (Leadership for Inclusion in Early Years) programme is a level 6 special purpose award that allows the graduate to become an inclusion coordinator in a pre-school setting. If your setting employs an inclusion coordinator. You are entitled to an increase of €2 per child per week in addition to your ECCE capitation payable. If you are interested in becoming or employing an inclusion coordinator, please read the documents below.

Role of the Inclusion Co-ordinator [English Version][Irish Version]

Inclusion Co-ordinator FAQ re Increased ECCE Capitation [English Version]

Notification of Changes re Inclusion Co-ordinator [English Version]

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Charter and Guidelines for Early Childhood Care & Education [English Version] [Irish Version]

Access and Inclusion Profile

In order to avail of AIM targeted supports, parents and providers must complete an Access and Inclusion profile. This will allow Pobal to assess the childs needs in the setting. Guidance and further information on this form can be found on the links below. Please note that AIM is not administered by DCYA, all applications should be made through Pobal’s PIP platform.

AIM Level 4 Access and Inclusion Profile [English Version][Irish Version]

AIM Informed Consent [English version][Irish Version]

Privacy Statement [English Version]

Access and Inclusion Guidance document [English Version][Irish Version]

Access and Inclusion Profile Rationale [English Version][Irish Version]

Completing the Access and Inclusion Profile [English Version][Irish Version ]

Guidelines for completing an Individual Access and Inclusion Plan [English Version]

Individual Access and Inclusion Plan [English Version][Irish Version]

Equipment, Funding and Minor alterations grants

Where specialized equipment or alterations to a pre-school is required for a child to meaningful participate this will be provided. Before applying for this support please read the below documents.

Capital Information[English Version][Irish Version]

Sample List of Eligible Equipment [English Version]

Capital Checklist [English Version][Irish Version]

Capital-Sample Application Form[English Version][Irish Version]

Capital Recommendation Template to be completed by NCSE Visiting Teacher[English Version]

AIM Capital Form for HSE and HSE funded Professional’s[English version]

Additional Funding for Classroom support

You may recognise this support as “AIM level 7”. You can apply for additional capitation to fund extra support in the classroom or to enable a reduction of the staff to child ratio. It has been shown that a simple reduction in the staff to child ratio has hugely positive outcomes for the entire preschool room. For more information please read the document below.

Additional Assistance Information[english version]

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