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Hanen Teacher Talk

Hanen ‘Teacher Talk’™ is a three-day (18 hour) training course consisting of three modules, A, B and C. A training pack including three workbooks and a certificate of completion is provided to all participants who complete the full 3 Module training. Modules A and B are now available online.

Teacher Talk covers the key principles of Learning Language and Loving It, providing educators with core strategies that will help them create rich and stimulating learning environments for the children they work with.

The Teacher Talk Training Series is designed to actively engage participants through discussions, small group activities, analysis of video examples and completion of practical Action Plans that participants take back to their classrooms. Teachers receive workbooks for each session that allow them to personalize the content and think about how they will meet the needs of the individual children in their classroom.

Further information can be found on The Hanen Centre.

To enroll to the course you must have an account to access Better Start’s Learning Gateway. Each learner must have an email account personal to them. A link to register for a new account can be found on the Early years Hive under Resources > Help & Support. If you have access to an account already, go to the course catalogue and enroll on available courses. If you have any queries please contact

Hanen Teacher Talk A Online – Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings:

Session One – Tuesday, 16th July 2024 10:30am to 1pm

Session Two – Tuesday, 23rd July 2024 10:30am to 1pm

Session Three – Tuesday, 30th July 10:30am to 1pm