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Apply for targeted supports

Apply for targeted supports

Applying for AIM targeted supports is a simple process, regardless of the type of support being applied for the application process is largely the same. Applications for targeted supports are made by the pre-school provider in collaboration with the parent. Most pre-school providers should be familiar with the AIM application process and be able to guide parents through the application.

For help with finding a pre-school, or applying to AIM for targeted supports you can contact the Better Start Early Years Specialist Service at or your local CCC, which can be found at


An application can be made for AIM targeted supports if, the child and pre-school is registered within the ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) programme.

*In certain cases, children not part of the ECCE programme can avail of targeted supports.

Please note that, a formal diagnosis of disability is not required to receive AIM targeted supports. View the full AIM rules in our AIM Policy and Rules section for more information.

The Application Process

When starting the application process, it is important to carefully read the application form and ensure that both parent and provider consent to the application for AIM supports. You should consider the following: what supports are required? is the child eligible for AIM support?  is the child moving pre-school? or currently in receipt of AIM supports?

Once all information is to hand, the provider will submit an application form to Pobal through the Early Years Hive Platform in collaboration with the parent.

If a pre-school provider requires support submitting an AIM application, they can raise a request via the Early Years Hive. Alternatively, you can contact the Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (10am to 5pm on Wednesday) at 01 511 7222. A pre-school provider or parent who has not applied for AIM level 4 can raise a request via the Early Years Hive or call the Early Years Provider Centre and request a call back from an Early Years Specialist in relation to the application process also. The EYSS can provide advice on the appropriate supports for a child, transitions to primary school and assist with any stage of the targeted supports application process.

After submission, Pobal will review the application and notify the provider and parent of the outcome. Applicants can accept, reject or request more information on the application. A rejection can be appealed by the parent or the provider through the Early Years Hive also. All application queries can be made to Pobal – ( / 01 5117222).

When to Apply

Applications for targeted supports should be made in May so they are in place for the start of the pre-school year, however, they can be applied for year-round.

If a child in receipt of targeted supports moves to another pre-school, a new AIM application must be submitted by the new pre-school provider with the child’s parents.

If children in a service are eligible to avail of level 7 support for a second year, are returning to the same pre-school for a second year, and their circumstances have not changed, the setting must submit a second year extension request for all eligible children. This request can be submitted via the AIM tab on the Early Years Hive Platform.