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Grimms House/Grimms Rainbow

The Grimms House/Grimms Rainbow is a versatile toy which can be used in a range of ways for lots of different creative activities e.g. imaginative play, stacking, building, exploring, sorting etc. The unvarnished wood is natural and prevents blocks from slipping when stacked. Each pack will contain either the Grimms House or the Grimms Rainbow. Suitable for ages: 3+

Key learning this resource may support:

Social and emotional development: This resource can be used as a tool to support cooperative play between children.

Physical development: Stacking and sorting the blocks can encourage development of fine motor skills.

This resource may encourage cognitive development by supporting early mathematical skills and exploration of early mathematical concepts.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Encourage the children to explore the blocks in their own way. Observe the variety of ways in which children use this resource depending on their developmental level and current interests and think about how this learning might be consolidated and/or extended further. For example, a child may be interested in using the resource to explore early mathematical concepts such as sorting by shape or colour.
  • Cooperative play may be encouraged. For example, if appropriate, the adult could suggest ‘I wonder what you might be able to build together?’
  • Imaginative play can be encouraged by the introduction of small world items.