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Recordable Answer Buzzer

The Recordable Answer Buzzers enable children to record up to seven seconds of sound such as voices, music, messages etc. Each pack will contain one Recordable Answer Buzzer. Suitable for ages: 3+

Key learning this resource may support:

Using this resource to record sounds and listen back can support language, literacy and communication development.

Emotional and social development may be supported as children record sounds and interactions with peers and other adults or by recording things which are important to them.

Using the buzzer in an open ended way can support development of creativity and imagination.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Practitioners should firstly consider how this resource can be used to support children at their current levels and also offer a gentle extension to their learning as and where appropriate.
  • This resource may be used to support an individual child who may feel more comfortable recording themselves and playing back the recording when appropriate.
  • The practitioner could introduce the resource to the children and encourage them to explore how they might use it in a way that interests them, for example recording a conversation or interaction, a song or other sounds which they are interested in.

How to use:

  1. Press and hold the red button on the side.
  2. Wait for the beep and then record a sound, voice or music.
  3. Release the button. You will hear a beep again.
  4. Tap the buzzer and listen to your new sounds.

The buzzer requires 2x AAA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver. Batteries should be installed or replaced by an adult.