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Squigz are a suction, construction toy made of silicone rubber. They come in different shapes which provide a range of opportunities for open ended and creative play. They connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface and can be flexed, bent, squeezed and stuck. They do take some strength to separate which creates a ‘pop’ sound. Suitable for ages: 4+

Key learning this resource may support:

Physical development such as fine motor skills can be supported when children engage with this resource.

Social and emotional development is supported as children may explore, create and problem solve together when engaged.

Squigz can support cognitive development as children may engage with them in ways that interest them which may focus on scientific, mathematical or engineering elements.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Children should be encouraged to explore the Squigz in an open ended way and the practitioner can extend the play, following the child’s lead.
  • Group play might be supported if a number of children are encouraged to create something together.
  • The Squigz may be used with particular children in a planned way to support the development or strengthening of fine motor skills or visual motor integration.