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Tactile Ball

The tactile ball is a small, textured ball, which children can explore, examine, play, squeeze and roll. Suitable for ages: 12 months+

Please ensure that any water is expelled and the ball is fully dry before storing. Each pack will contain one Tactile Ball.

Key learning this resource may support:

A range of areas of physical development can be supported by the use of this ball including both fine and gross motor skills.

The sensory elements of this ball encourage opportunities for sensory development.

Social and emotional development may be supported as the ball can act as a calming or fidget toy for individual children and can be used for cooperative play with peers or adults.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Practitioners should firstly consider how this resource can be used to support children at their current levels and also offer a gentle extension to their learning as and where appropriate.
  • The ball could be used in a small group, to encourage social interaction as children roll or pass it to each other in a way that they like.
  • The practitioner may encourage children to explore the ball in their own way and follow their lead.
  • The ball could be used in the sand and water area to explore the patterns and reactions it causes.
  • An individual child may like to use the ball as a fidget toy.