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Teeter Popper

The Teeter Popper is a unique instrument for play, offering a range of open ended play opportunities as children have fun sitting, kneeling, rocking, spinning, standing or balancing on it. The suction from the poppers grips and releases as children move, creating a popping sensation. Suitable for ages: 2-10 years. Weight limit: 100lb

Key learning this resource may support:

Physical development such as gross motor skills can be supported by this resource. It also supports development of core strength, stability, leg strength, balance and coordination.

Social and emotional development as the children might engage in play together when using the Teeter Popper. The Teeter Popper may have a calming effect on children who have difficulties regulating their bodies.

The Teeter Popper offers sensory experiences through touch, sound, visually etc. The many sound effects of the Teeter Popper may be helpful for particular children.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • The practitioner might support the children to engage with the Teeter Popper and explore it in an open ended way. This may be by touching, kneeling, rocking, standing, spinning or in other ways that the children discover.
  • Individual children may benefit from using or being supported to use the Teeter Popper in a particular way for example, to support sensory integration or using it in a way that promotes the auditory senses.
  • Consider children who may be sensitive to unexpected sensations and prepare the children in advance of the popping reaction.