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Time Timer

The Time Timer is a resource that supports children to understand time as it provides a visual countdown of time passing. As the disc disappears, children can see how much time is left. There is also an additional (optional) audio alert where a beep sounds to signal time has finished. Suitable for ages: 3+

The timer can be set to between 0-60 minutes. Size: 20cm x 20cm.

Please note that setting the timer requires gentle handling and should be used under adult supervision or with adult support.

Key learning this resource may support:

Social and emotional development:The Time Timer can support individual children who may need a visual representation of time or those who may benefit from an auditory signal that a certain period of time has now passed. For example, in preparing for transitions during the daily routine.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • The practitioner may use their knowledge of individual children to decide where the timer may be of particular benefit in supporting a child’s engagement in the daily routine.
  • The timer may also be used as a tool to support conflict resolution, for example if children need support in managing times/turns, the timer could be useful.
  • If children are interested in time specifically, the timer can be used to demonstrate the passing of time in a practical and relevant way, for example ‘I wonder how long it takes us to tidy up?’
  • Support a child to take the lead in using the resource to remind others of upcoming changes in the routine.
  • Consider other visual or auditory cues in the immediate environment such as the bell in the nearby church, the sound of a train as it goes by or any other cues unique to the children’s environment.