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Traffic Light Fan

Traffic Light Fans are primarily used as a communication tool, as a visual aid to support children to communicate directly and visually with adults, as well as their peers. Suitable for ages: 3+

Key learning this resource may support:

The fan supports development of language, literacy and communication as it may support children to express their emotions and views.

Social and emotional development may be enhanced by effective use of the fan as children can be supported as active participants and have a tool which aids them in expressing themselves to peers and adults.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Practitioners should firstly consider how this resource can be used to support children at their current levels and also offer a gentle extension to their learning as and where appropriate.
  • An individual child may be supported to understand and use the traffic light fan as a communication tool during the daily routine.
  • Colours and what they represent can be adapted and tailored based on individual needs. For example, Green may indicate the child is feeling positive ‘I am happy’, ‘I like this’, ‘I don’t need any help’, Amber may indicate ‘I need some help’, ‘I feel unsure’ and Red might indicate ‘I am sad’, ‘Please help me’ or ‘I do not like this’.