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Dancing Ribbons

The dancing ribbons (6 pack) consist of 6 strong, woven nylon hand straps, each with 1 metre long strands of colourful ribbon. These offer opportunities for music, movement and physical play. Suitable for ages: 18 months+ (due to choking hazard)

Always use under adult supervision.

Key learning this resource may support:

The dancing ribbons offer many opportunities for children to engage in play and exploration which supports physical development such as gross motor skills, spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

Social and emotional development may be supported as children engage with the ribbons in a way which encourages body awareness, individual expression and communication.

Suggested starting points for engagement:

  • Practitioners should firstly consider how this resource can be used to support children at their current levels and also offer a gentle extension to their learning as and where appropriate.
  • The practitioner may use different types of music and movements to encourage the children to move in a way that they like, responding to variations in the music for example, tempo and pace.
  • Children who wish to may lead a small group by providing suggested movements using the ribbons.
  • It is important to note that if you have a child with limited mobility please adapt the use of the ribbons to suit their individual needs. For example, have all children sitting on the floor and following music with a steady beat.