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The AIM Resources page

General Resources 

Below are resources related to AIM and the area of disability for parents, providers and those interested in the area of childcare.

Disability Advice and Support

Below are links to websites and documents where you can find quality information about supporting children with disabilities accessing pre-school and beyond. You will also find information on schemes and grants specifically for disabilities.

http://nda.ie/ (National Disability Authority)

https://ncse.ie/ (National Council for Special Education)

https://www.hse.ie/childdisability (HSE advice for supporting children with disabilities.)

Toilet Training For Children With Additional Needs (PDF) (HSE)

County/City Childcare Committee’s (CCC’s)

City/County Childcare Committees, or CCC’s for short, are a Department of Children and Youth Affairs-funded support for parents and childcare providers. CCC’s can offer assistance with finding a suitable pre-school for your child, give advice and information about various schemes and programmes on offer. CCC’s also provides training for both parents and childcare workers.

To find your local CCC visit myccc.ie.

National Council for Special Education (NCSE)

NCSE provides a number of resources for both parents and providers on their website. The information on the website which can be found in the links below, will act as a useful resource for supporting children with special educational needs.

Resources for parents

Resources for Practitioners

AIM Partners

Below are some links to AIM related organisations where you can find fantastic information on disability, childcare and education.

https://www2.hse.ie/wellbeing/child-health/childcare-options-and-free-pre-school-scheme.html This website contains information on childcare options and schemes for your pre-school age child.

https://www.gov.ie/en/organisation/department-of-children-and-youth-affairs/ (Department of Children and youth affairs)

https://www.pobal.ie/programmes/access-and-inclusion-model-aim/ (Pobal) Information on how Pobal Administers AIM.

https://betterstart.pobal.ie/ (Better Start)

http://www.aistearsiolta.ie/en/Introduction/ On this website, you will find valuable information of the curriculum and quality frameworks for early childhood education.

https://www.gov.ie/en/news/f316e1-government-launches-first-5-a-whole-of-government-strategy/ For information on First 5, the government strategy for babies, young children and families click the link above.


Home Play and Learning

Learning through play can have so many benefits for a child, below are some resources on learning and play you can do with your child at home!

These include:

1. Sharing Stories with your Child

Sharing books with your toddler has many benefits. It helps children to develop listening and attention skills and hear lots of words. This helps children to understand the meaning of words and, eventually, to say these words themselves! You can download some useful help sheets from the links below.

Book Talk – Supporting Interactive Book Reading

Sharing Story Time with your Baby

Sharing Story Time with your Toddler

Fun with Nursery Rhymes


2. Sensory Training

Sensory Processing is the ability of the brain to take in, sort out and process information from the world around us. Children may find sensory processing difficult. The link below shows some tips on everyday things you might find useful to help your child.


3. Communication

4. Play at home

Below are some tips and ideas for home play and learning for you and your child.

Home Activities Pack – Have Fun Learning at Home

Ideas for Play in Small Spaces – Information for Parents and Children



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